Round, intelligent, energy-efficient LED ceiling lights with integrated microwave sensor technology

With its wall and ceiling lights from the L1MV/H2 series, Liliway presents a new and elegant LED lighting solution that is particularly suitable for modernising hallways, staircases and foyers. The optional concealed motion and light sensor technology and high level of luminous efficacy ensure energy-efficient operation on demand.

The same scenario as is found in individual rooms in office buildings, educational institutions and healthcare facilities applies all the more to the passageways in those buildings: Once the lighting is switched on, it often stays lit for the entire day, even though it is not required and uses energy unnecessarily. With the LED lights from its L1MV/H2 series, Liliway presents a new solution to this problem.

Robust elegance on the outside, intelligence on the inside

The wall and ceiling lights feature a rounded, opal white diffuser, which conceals the electronic intelligence in the interior: A high-frequency motion detector with integrated light sensor technology. The light is only switched on when people are in its vicinity and the ambient light is insufficient. The light is later switched off again automatically. It has a 360° field of detection and a range of 10 or 22 metres, depending on whether it is mounted on a ceiling or a wall. The switch-off delay time and the setpoint level of brightness can also be set using DIP switches on the light to incrementally adjust the settings to the local conditions. Zero-cross switching protects the relay and ensures that the technology has a long service life.

Simple networking for extensive areas

To simplify the networking of multiple L1MV/H2 lights, the lights have pre-installed through-wiring provided by a push terminal. Up to 40 lights can be optimally combined together in this way, enabling uniform and simultaneous control of the lighting in extensive areas. For this purpose, the lights are also available without in-built sensor technology. For instances where it is important that the lights are reliably protected against the ingress of substances—for use in sanitary facilities, for example—variants are also available with protection type IP44.

The high luminous efficacy of the lights—100 lm/W with an LED lifetime of 50,000 hours—also improves energy efficiency. With a colour temperature of 3000 K or 4000 K, depending on the version, the lights emit light with a better-than-average colour consistency. Liliway set an equally stringent standard for the flicker factor, which lies below 3 per cent. With IK07 impact protection, the lights are well equipped to withstand external mechanical influences. They have a diameter of 300 mm.